Mystique Wonderland

Mystique Wonderland

Hello Everyone!

Ever since I heard of sock boots, I was curious and wanted to check them out for myself. I had a pair of knee sock boots a while ago in India, but since I don’t have them with me anymore, I thought it was the right time to invest in a new pair. I knew just the place to look for them. Here in Poland, there are a lot of fast fashion stores and it is easy to keep changing and buying new stuff every season. I am not saying that I do that, in fact, it’s been a couple of months since I purchased any new item of clothing. I was even not intending to buy anything till up until Christmas, but then I scrolled on the online shoe website and when I saw these sock boots, I knew they would be amazing.

The shoes are from an online store which is extremely popular in Poland called Prior to this, I never thought it would be possible for me to order shoes online and let alone be satisfied. But ever since my first purchase back in 2013, I have been hooked. Even though I have plenty of shoes now, I always find myself browsing their website every now and then, just to look at the beautiful shoes. I LOVE them! Shopping online on is very easy and they offer over a 1000 pairs of shoes in different categories and styles. As long as you know your shoe size, it is very convenient to order. On the rare occasion that a shoe was slightly bigger for me, I just had to return them via post and I got a full refund for the amount. The customer care services are off the charts. If you are looking for trendy shoes at affordable prices then I would definitely recommend this store.

I wanted to take these booties our for a spin and I wanted to take a couple of pictures for this post with some nature in the background. After driving around a bit, brainstorming for a good place with some trees as a backdrop, we arrived at the Las Wolski forest area, close to the Krakow Zoo. It was quite nice to go up the trails beside the path that leads up to the zoo. There were not many people around and we came across a few locals walking their dogs. The atmosphere was peaceful and very quiet and we could only hear some birds in the distance upon the trees. Of course, I had a backup pair of shoes as it was after the rains and most of the forest floor littered with soggy leaves. When we found the perfect spot I whipped out my shoes and put them on. We took a couple of shots and then walked around for a while. We took these pictures with our new Canon camera, which I must admit I need to start learning how to operate.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as I love the way they turned out! It’s completely different to what I have done before 🙂

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