Tis the season to Fall!

Tis the season to Fall!

Hello everyone! How has been your week so far? I had the opportunity to work on a new assignment for a week at work and feel happy for the experience. Currently Autumn is in full swing and it is so colourful everywhere you look. The colours all around are truly mesmerising! Its always beautiful to watch the leaves turn from green to yellow, reds, crimson and sometimes orange. Reminds me of a colouring book, where in reality mother nature is the painter and the world her portrait. I was lucky to have witnessed Autumn in all her splendour now for the fourth year in a row.

There is so much to enjoy and take in from nature even though the temperature drops. I enjoy bundling up and heading out to walk along nature trails and lucky for me there are plenty of parks in Krakow to explore and take in all the beauty. I was busy this past month that the only time I would enjoy this was during my morning commute to work. Growing up in India I had not had the chance to experience the 4 seasons, no not the hotel chain by the same name, but you get what my drift! I found these pictures which I had taken actually last year while I had longer hair. It was a beautiful chilly day, but the colours from the leaves all around simply was a treat to the eyes.

Christmas is coming soon as it is started now to snow in Krakow and I will be in India this year for it to celebrate with my family, so I am feeling very excited 🙂


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