Ocean themed candle jar – DIY

Ocean themed candle jar – DIY

I love to make stuff, especially when it comes to DIY or some type of art projects. Even though I never formally attended any art school I was always happy to draw or paint or make something creative. Especially in school days, art was my favourite subject and was always eagerly waiting for holiday homework- we had some projects to do during summer holidays. I remember vaguely scrapbooking with some rose petals and other flowers, with pistachio shells, sea shells, etc. Once I and my older brother even made a model of a house with a car park that could swing open, all out of cardboard boxes and some scraps of paper.

Now that I am older I am still interested in such things. It gives me a sense of peace and calm. Everything else is as though time stops still, it is just you and the art project in front of you. Because I love to make things, I have gifted some of my close friends and family a lot of times with my handcrafted gifts. I think it adds a more personal touch! This DIY candle jar was no exception. My boyfriends mum’s birthday was coming up and, he had asked me to make something special for her. After some procrastination and putting it off, with just a day or two to go, I managed to put this beautiful jar together. It reminds me of the ocean and my beautiful childhood in Dubai. Coincidentally the shells in this picture are from Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, which I collected on my last trip there.

This DIY ocean themed candle jar was quite simple and easy. Items used:

  1. Empty glass jar
  2. Sand- any kind will do. I chose a white beach sand
  3. Some seashells
  4. Some clay or hot glue gun
  5. Twine
  6. Candle
  7. Time and patience 😉

To make the candle jar, first, you have to decide how you want to place the shells on the outside of the jar. Do a placement check and then once satisfied, hot glue or in my case, I used a clay mould to stick the shells on the base of the jar. Once dried, I proceeded to fill sand into the jar and left enough space on the top to place some more seashells inside on the top, creating a cosy nook for the candle to fit inside. Once that was done, I placed the candle on the top of the sand(first I used a small red one which did not go well with the theme, so I picked up some sea breeze fragranced candle and it was a perfect fit. Last but not least I tied some twine around the neck of the jar to complete the look and sailor/ocean theme.

Hope you try out this quick and easy DIY next time you have to gift a someone special a nice thoughtful handmade gift!

Let me know if you would like to see more of my handmade projects by leaving a comment 🙂



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