Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be! Show Blowout Salon Review, Bangalore

Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be! Show Blowout Salon Review, Bangalore

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We have all heard of that old saying “Hair today gone tomorrow!” Well, its true for most people and it urges a sense of pride in us, to take care of it while we still have it. Hair represents a personal identity. It makes us who we are as individuals. We have all faced those bad hair days and not been ourselves. I for one tend to tie my hair up in a ponytail when I feel it has a mind of its own. People who know and have seen me, know that I have jet black hair all my life. Due to this fact I have for the longest time wanted to get a makeover or change something about it and believe me, I have put my hair through the long and short of it. I have also tried colouring in the past but that was ages ago before I came to Krakow and it never involved any lightening agents. Since moving to Krakow, I only ever visited the salon rarely in the last two years. I generally waited till I went back to India to get a decent cut or colour. It can be a bit of a struggle as sometimes things get lost in translation. I still find it hard sometimes but have never ventured out with colouring.

Growing up I remember my dad used to give me and my sister a haircut. Let’s just say it wasn’t our best looks, but as kids, we didn’t give a damn anyway. I wouldn’t say I am not grateful; my dad did what he had to do. Then in later years in school, there was a need to tie one’s hair up in pigtails with a nice satin blue ribbon, that was my favourite style for a while, I dread the thought of it now. In high school finally, I chopped it all off and had a boy cut as we Indians call it. In college too I had medium shoulder length hair but nothing out of the ordinary.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I was recently in India on a work trip, so I decided why not make the most of it and get my hair cut and but most importantly coloured!! I, of course, wanted it to be perfect and waited until the last day to get my hair done. This was because I did not want all the back and forth travel to ruin it. Also as I wanted to get my hair coloured and I was going to be in India for 7 weeks, it made no sense to colour it in the very beginning.

I was recommended a new salon down in Indiranagar, Bangalore called Show Blow Out Bar. At first, I thought nothing of the name and was praying that whoever was going to do my hair did not mess it up. Needless to it turned out that I was worrying for nothing. My expectations were exceeded and I am happy as a bee! I initially had thoughts of an extreme makeover but also had the idea of Bayalage hair at the back of my mind. I made a few screenshots on my phone for reference before I went for my appointment. As I mentioned earlier I had only coloured my hair a few times like red or brown and it never involved bleaching. So this time I just went for it.

The staff at the salon are just perfectionists too and know what they are doing. The best part of this whole experience was while I got my hair done, I was served with coffee and then a glass of ice cold champagne. Yes! that’s right Champagne!! How cool is that, right! I have not heard of any other place that serves alcohol while you get your hair and nails done. There are of course select services for which you can get a glass of wine or bubbly and you can choose your drink. I also got a manicure of gel nails while I waited for my hair to be done.

I would definitely recommend this salon to anyone as its a unisex place. It is located right next to many popular pubs and eateries near ESI Hospital in Indiranagar Bangalore. You can check them out also on Facebook and book your appointment right away and always remember- “Life is too short to have boring hair!”

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